Drugs starting with letter A
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Monograph Title
A & D Emollients - Topical
A.R.M Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
A/B OTIC Antipyrine With Benzocaine - Otic
A/F PAIN RELIEF Acetaminophen - Oral
A/T/S Erythromycin Base - Topical Gel
A/T/S Erythromycin - Topical Solution, Lotion
A-200 LICE KILLING Pyrethrins And Piperonyl Butoxide-Shampoo
A-200 LICE TREATMENT Pyrethrins And Piperonyl Butoxide-Shampoo
A-25 Vitamin A - Oral
ABBOKINASE Urokinase - Injection
ABELCET Amphotericin/Lipid Complex Injection
ABER-FED Guaifenesin With Pseudoephedrine - Oral Capsule, Tablet
ABER-TUSS DR Dextromethorphan/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
ABER-TUSS HC Decongestant/Narcotic Antitussive/Antihistamine - Oral
ABILIFY Aripiprazole - Oral
ABLETEX PSE Guaifenesin With Pseudoephedrine - Oral Capsule, Tablet
ABREVA Docosanol - Topical
ABSORBASE Emollients - Topical
ABSORBINE JR. Antifungals - Topical
ACCOLATE Zafirlukast Oral
ACCUHIST Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ACCUHIST DM Dextromethorphan/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
ACCUHIST DM Guaifenesin/Antitussive/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
ACCUHIST LA Decongestant/Antihistamine/Anticholinergic - Oral
ACCUHIST PDX Dextromethorphan/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
ACCUNEB Albuterol Pediatric - Inhalation Pre-Mixed Solution
ACCUPRIL Quinapril - Oral
ACCURETIC Quinapril Hcl/Hydrochlorothiazide - Oral
ACCUTANE Isotretinoin - Oral
ACCUZYME Papain/Urea Ointment - Topical
ACEBUTOLOL HCL Beta Blockers - Oral
ACEON Perindopril - Oral
ACEPHEN Acetaminophen - Rectal Suppository
ACEROLA C Ascorbic Acid - Oral
ACEROLA C-500 Ascorbic Acid - Oral
ACETA Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETA-GESIC Acetaminophen/Phenyltoloxamine - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN Acetaminophen - Rectal Suppository
ACETAMINOPHEN JR Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN W/BUTALBITAL Butalbital W/Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN W/CODEINE Codeine/Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN W/CODEINE #3 Codeine/Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN W/CODEINE #4 Codeine/Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN W/CODEINE#3 Codeine/Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETAMINOPHEN-CODEINE Codeine/Acetaminophen - Oral
ACETASOL Acetic Acid - Otic
ACETASOL HC Acetic Acid W/Hydrocortisone - Otic
ACETASOL-HC Acetic Acid W/Hydrocortisone - Otic
ACETAZOLAMIDE Acetazolamide - Oral
ACETIC ACID Acetic Acid - Otic
ACETIC ACID/ALUMINUM Acetic Acid With Aluminum Acetate - Otic
ACETIC ACID/HYDROCORTISONE Acetic Acid W/Hydrocortisone - Otic
ACETOHEXAMIDE Antidiabetics - Oral
ACETYLCYSTEINE Acetylcysteine - Inhalation/Oral
ACHIEVE CHILDREN'S CHEWABLE Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Chewable Tablets
ACHROMYCIN V Tetracyclines - Oral
ACID GONE Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ACID JELLY Acetic Acid/Oxyquinoline/Ricinoleic Acid - Vaginal
ACID REDUCER Famotidine 10Mg - Oral
ACID REDUCER Ranitidine 75Mg - Oral
ACID REDUCER Cimetidine - Oral
ACID RELIEF Calcium Carbonate Antacid - Chewable Tablets
ACID RELIEF EXTRA STRENGTH Calcium Carbonate Antacid - Chewable Tablets
ACIDIC VAGINAL Acetic Acid/Oxyquinoline/Ricinoleic Acid - Vaginal
ACIDOPHILUS Lactobacillus Acidophilus - Oral
ACIGEST-LPC Digestive Aids - Oral
ACIPHEX Rabeprazole Delayed Release - Oral
ACLOVATE Corticosteroids - Topical
ACNE Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACNE 10 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACNE CREAM Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACNE MEDICATION-5 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACNE PIMPLE MEDICINE Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACNE TREATMENT Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACNE-10 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACNECLEAR Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
ACTAMIN Acetaminophen - Oral
ACTANOL Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ACTA-TABS Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ACTICIN Permethrin - Topical Cream
ACTIFED Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ACTIFED ALLERGY Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ACTIGALL Ursodiol - Oral
ACTIMMUNE Interferon Gamma 1B - Injectable
ACTIQ Fentanyl - Oral Lozenge (Cancer Pain Only)
ACTIVASE Alteplase - Injection
ACTIVE Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ACTIVE DAILY Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
ACTIVELLA Estradiol/Norethindrone - Oral
ACTONEL Risedronate - Oral
ACTONEL Risedronate Weekly - Oral
ACTOS Pioglitazone - Oral
ACULAR Ketorolac Tromethamine - Ophthalmic
ACULAR LS Ketorolac Tromethamine 0.4% - Ophthalmic
ACULAR PF Ketorolac Tromethamine - Ophthalmic
ACYCLOVIR Acyclovir - Oral
ACYCLOVIR SODIUM Acyclovir - Injection
ADAGEN Pegademase - Injection
ADALAT CC Nifedipine Sustained Action - Oral
ADAPIN Tricyclic Antidepressants - Oral, Injection
ADC W/FLUORIDE Multivitamins With Fluoride - Oral Drops
ADDERALL Amphetamine With Dextroamphetamine - Oral Tablet
ADDERALL XR Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine Extended-Release - Oral
ADGAN Promethazine - Injection
ADIPEX-P Appetite Suppressants - Oral
ADOXA Doxycycline - Oral
ADRENALIN CHLORIDE Epinephrine Solution - Inhalation
ADRENALIN CHLORIDE Bronchodilator - Oral, Injection
ADRIAMYCIN Doxorubicin - Injection
ADRIAMYCIN RDF Doxorubicin - Injection
ADRIAMYCIN-PFS Doxorubicin - Injection
ADRUCIL Fluorouracil - Injection
ADSORBONAC Sodium Chloride - Ophthalmic Solution
ADULT ASPIRIN Aspirin Chewable - Oral
ADULT GLYCERIN Glycerin Suppository - Rectal
ADULT SUPPOSITORY Glycerin Suppository - Rectal
ADVAIR DISKUS Salmeterol/Fluticasone Inhalation Disk - Oral
ADVANCED FORMULA Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
ADVANCED NATALCARE Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
ADVANCED-RF NATALCARE Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
ADVATE Antihemophilic Factor, Recombinant - Injection
ADVICOR Lovastatin/Niacin Extended-Release - Oral
ADVIL Ibuprofen Chewable - Oral
ADVIL Ibuprofen - Oral
ADVIL MIGRAINE Ibuprofen - Oral
AER Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) - Topical
AERO OTIC HC Hydrocortisone/Chloroxylenol/Pramoxine - Otic Drops
AEROBID Flunisolide - Inhalation
AEROBID-M Flunisolide - Inhalation
AEROHIST PLUS Decongestant/Antihistamine/Anticholinergic - Oral
AEROKID Decongestant/Antihistamine/Anticholinergic - Oral
AEROLATE 111 Xanthine Derivatives - Oral
AEROLATE JR Xanthine Derivatives - Oral
AEROLATE SR Xanthine Derivatives - Oral
AF Antifungals - Topical
AFEDITAB CR Nifedipine Sustained Action - Oral
A-FIL Sunscreens
AFRIN Decongestant - Nasal Drops
AFRIN Pseudoephedrine - Oral
AFRIN Decongestant - Nasal Spray
AFRIN CHILDRENS Decongestant - Nasal Spray
AFTATE Antifungals - Topical
AGENERASE Amprenavir/Vitamin E/Propylene Glycol Solution - Oral
AGENERASE Amprenavir/Vitamin E Capsule - Oral
AGGRASTAT Tirofiban - Injectable
AGGRENOX Aspirin/Dipyridamole Er - Oral
AGORAL Irritant Or Stimulant Laxatives - Oral
AGRYLIN Anagrelide - Oral
AH-CHEW Decongestant/Antihistamine/Anticholinergic - Oral
A-HYDROCORT Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate - Injection
AIRET Albuterol - Inhalation Pre-Mixed Solution
AK-CIDE Steroid And Antibiotic Eye Drops
AK-CIDE Combination Antibiotic And Steroid - Ophthalmic Ointment
AK-CON Naphazoline - Ophthalmic
AK-DEX Corticosteroids - Ophthalmic Drops
AKINETON Antidyskinetics - Oral
AK-NACL Sodium Chloride - Ophthalmic Ointment
AKNE-MYCIN Erythromycin - Topical Ointment
AKORN'S ANTIOXIDANT Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
AK-PENTOLATE Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride - Eye Drops
AK-POLY-BAC Combination Antibiotic - Ophthalmic Ointment
AK-PRED Corticosteroids - Ophthalmic Drops
AK-SPORE H.C. Neomycin/Bacitracin/Polymyxin/Hydrocortisone - Ophthalmic Ointment
AK-SPORE HC Neomycin/Bacitracin/Polymyxin/Hydrocortisone - Ophthalmic Ointment
AK-SULF Antibacterials - Ophthalmic, Otic
AK-TAINE Proparacaine - Ophthalmic
AK-T-CAINE PF Tetracaine Ophthalmic Drops
AKTOB Antibacterials - Ophthalmic, Otic
AK-TRACIN Bacitracin - Ophthalmic
AK-TROL Neomycin/Polymyxin/Dexamethasone - Ophthalmic Drops
AK-TROL Neomycin/Polymyxin/Dexamethasone - Ophthalmic Ointment
AKWA TEARS Eye Lubricant - Ophthalmic
ALACOL Dextromethorphan/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
ALA-CORT Corticosteroids - Topical
ALA-DERM Emollients - Topical
ALAMAG Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALAMAG PLUS Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALAMAG-PLUS Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALAMAST Pemirolast - Ophthalmic
ALA-QUIN Clioquinol With Hydrocortisone - Topical
ALA-SCALP HP Corticosteroids - Topical
ALA-SEB Salicylic/Sulfur - Shampoo
ALA-TET Tetracyclines - Oral
ALATUSS Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan/Decongestant - Oral
ALAVERT Loratadine - Oral
ALAVERT Loratadine With Pseudoephedrine - Oral Sustained Release Tablet
ALAVERT Loratadine Dispersible Tablet - Oral
ALBA-3 Neomycin/Bacitracin/Polymyxin - Topical
ALBAFORT Iron Supplements - Oral
ALBALON Naphazoline - Ophthalmic
ALBATUSSIN Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan/Decongestant - Oral
ALBATUSSIN DM Guaifenesin With Dextromethorphan - Oral
ALBATUSSIN PEDI NR Dextromethorphan/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
ALBATUSSIN PEDIATRIC Dextromethorphan W/Decongestant - Oral
ALBATUSSIN SR Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan/Decongestant - Oral
ALBENZA Albendazole - Oral
ALBUMARC Albumin - Injection
ALBUMIN Albumin - Injection
ALBUMINAR-25 Albumin - Injection
ALBUMINAR-5 Albumin - Injection
ALBUMIN-ZLB Albumin - Injection
ALBURX Albumin - Injection
ALBUTEIN Albumin - Injection
ALBUTEROL Bronchodilator - Aerosol Oral Inhaler
ALBUTEROL SULFATE Albuterol - Inhalation Pre-Mixed Solution
ALBUTEROL SULFATE Albuterol - Inhalation Solution
ALBUTEROL SULFATE Bronchodilator - Oral, Injection
ALCAINE Proparacaine - Ophthalmic
ALCALAK Calcium Carbonate Antacid - Chewable Tablets
ALCOHOLADO MARAVILLA 70 Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) - Topical
ALCONEFRIN 12 Decongestant - Nasal Drops
ALCONEFRIN 25 Decongestant - Nasal Drops
ALCONEFRIN 50 Decongestant - Nasal Drops
ALDACTAZIDE Thiazide W/Spironolactone - Oral
ALDACTONE Spironolactone - Oral
ALDARA Imiquimod - Topical
ALDEX Guaifenesin With Phenylephrine - Oral
ALDOCLOR-250 Methyldopa W/Thiazide Diuretics - Oral
ALDOMET Methyldopa - Oral
ALDORIL-15 Methyldopa W/Thiazide Diuretics - Oral
ALDORIL-25 Methyldopa W/Thiazide Diuretics - Oral
ALDORIL-D30 Methyldopa W/Thiazide Diuretics - Oral
ALDORIL-D50 Methyldopa W/Thiazide Diuretics - Oral
ALDROXICON I Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALDROXICON II Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALENIC ALKA Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALER-CAP Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALER-DRYL Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALER-TAB Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALERTNESS Caffeine Tablets - Oral
ALERTNESS AID Caffeine Tablets - Oral
ALESSE-21 Oral Contraceptives
ALESSE-28 Oral Contraceptives
ALEVE Naproxen - Oral
ALFENTA Alfentanil - Injection
ALFERON N Interferon Alfa(Con) - Injection
ALI-FLEX Acetaminophen/Phenyltoloxamine - Oral
ALINIA Nitazoxanide - Oral
ALKA-MINT Calcium Carbonate Antacid - Chewable Tablets
ALKA-SELTZER Simethicone Tablets/Capsules - Oral
ALKERAN Melphalan - Oral
ALL DAY RELIEF Naproxen - Oral
ALL PURPOSE MULTI VITAMIN/MIN Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
ALLBEE C-800 PLUS IRON Multivitamins W/Iron (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
ALLBEE PLUS VIT C Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
ALLEGRA Fexofenadine 180Mg Tablet - Oral
ALLEGRA Fexofenadine - Oral
ALLEGRA-D Fexofenadine /Pseudoephedrine Extended Release - Oral
ALLER MED Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALLER-CHLOR Antihistamines - Oral
ALLERCREME Emollients - Topical
ALLEREST Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLERFRIM Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLERGEN Antipyrine With Benzocaine - Otic
ALLERGY Antihistamines - Oral
ALLERGY Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALLERGY & CONGESTION RELIEF Loratadine With Pseudoephedrine 24 Hour Tablet - Oral
ALLERGY & CONGESTION RELIEF Loratadine With Pseudoephedrine - Oral Sustained Release Tablet
ALLERGY CONGESTION RELIEF Loratadine With Pseudoephedrine 24 Hour Tablet - Oral
ALLERGY CREAM Antihistamines - Topical
ALLERGY DECONGESTANT Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLERGY ELIXIR Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALLERGY MED Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALLERGY MEDICATION Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALLERGY MEDICINE Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALLERGY RELIEF Antihistamines - Oral
ALLERGY RELIEF Loratadine - Oral
ALLERGY RELIEF Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALLERGY RELIEF Loratadine Syrup - Oral
ALLERGY RELIEF D Loratadine With Pseudoephedrine 24 Hour Tablet - Oral
ALLERGY RELIEF D-24 Loratadine With Pseudoephedrine 24 Hour Tablet - Oral
ALLERGY TABLET Antihistamines - Oral
ALLERGY TABLET Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLERHIST-1 Clemastine - Oral
ALLERSCRIPT Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLERSOL Naphazoline - Ophthalmic
ALLERTABS Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLER-TABS Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLERX Decongestant/Antihistamine/Anticholinergic - Oral
ALLERX Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALLFEN Guaifenesin - Oral
ALLFEN JR Guaifenesin - Oral
ALLFEN-DM Guaifenesin With Dextromethorphan - Oral
ALLFEN-M Guaifenesin - Oral
ALLOPURINOL Allopurinol - Oral
ALMACONE Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALMACONE-2 Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALMORA Magnesium Supplement - Oral
ALOCRIL Nedocromil Sodium - Ophthalmic
ALOE SKIN CARE Emollients - Topical
ALOMIDE Lodoxamide - Ophthalmic
ALOPHEN PILLS Bisacodyl - Oral
ALOPRIM Allopurinol Sodium - Injection
ALORA Estradiol Biweekly - Transdermal
ALOX GEL Aluminum W/Magnesium Hydroxide - Oral
ALOXI Palonosetron - Injection
ALPHA GLOW Sunscreens
ALPHAGAN Brimonidine Ophthalmic Solution
ALPHAGAN P Brimonidine Ophthalmic Solution
ALPHANATE Antihemophilic Factor, Human - Injection
ALPHANINE SD Factor Ix, Human - Injection
ALPHAQUIN HP Hydroquinone/Sunscreen - Topical
ALPHATREX Corticosteroids - Topical
ALPH-E Vitamin E - Oral
ALPH-E-MIXED Vitamin E - Oral
ALPH-E-SALVE Emollients - Topical
ALPRAZOLAM Alprazolam-Oral
ALPRAZOLAM INTENSOL Alprazolam Concentrate Solution - Oral
ALPROSTADIL Alprostadil - Injection
ALREX Loteprednol - Ophthalmic Suspension
ALTACAINE Tetracaine Ophthalmic Drops
ALTACE Ramipril - Oral Capsule
ALTACHLORE Sodium Chloride - Ophthalmic Solution
ALTACHLORE Sodium Chloride - Ophthalmic Ointment
ALTAFED Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
ALTAMIST Sodium Chloride - Nasal Spray
ALTARUSSIN Guaifenesin - Oral
ALTARUSSIN DM Guaifenesin With Dextromethorphan - Oral
ALTARUSSIN PE Guaifenesin/Decongestant - Oral Liquid
ALTARYL Diphenhydramine - Oral
ALTAZINE Tetrahydrozoline - Ophth
ALTENOL Acetaminophen - Oral
ALTERNAGEL Aluminum Hydroxide Suspension - Oral
ALTINAC Tretinoin - Topical
ALTOCOR Lovastatin Extended Release - Oral
ALU-CAP Aluminum Hydroxide - Oral
ALUMINUM CHLORIDE Aluminum Chloride - Topical Solution
ALUMINUM CHLORIDE HEXAHYDRATE Aluminum Chloride - Topical Solution
ALUMINUM HYDROXIDE Aluminum Hydroxide Suspension - Oral
ALUPENT Bronchodilator - Aerosol Oral Inhaler
ALUPENT Metaproterenol - Inhalation Pre-Mixed Solution
ALUSTRA Hydroquinone - Topical
AMANTADINE Amantadine - Oral
AMANTADINE HCL Amantadine - Oral
AMARYL Glimepiride Oral
AMBI 1000 Guaifenesin - Oral
AMBI 1200 Guaifenesin - Oral
AMBI 45/800 Guaifenesin With Pseudoephedrine - Oral Capsule, Tablet
AMBI 45/800/30 Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan/Decongestant - Oral
AMBI 600 Guaifenesin - Oral
AMBI 800 Guaifenesin - Oral
AMBIEN Zolpidem - Oral
AMBIFED-G Guaifenesin With Pseudoephedrine - Oral Capsule, Tablet
AMBIFED-G DM Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan/Decongestant - Oral
AMBISOME Amphotericin/Lipid Complex Injection
AMCINONIDE Corticosteroids - Topical
AMDRY-C Decongestant/Antihistamine/Anticholinergic - Oral
AMERGE Naratriptan - Oral
AMERICAINE Benzocaine - Otic
AMERICAN GINSENG Ginseng (Eleutherococcus And Panax Sp.) - Oral
AMERICET Butalbital/Acetaminophen/Caffeine - Oral
AMERIFED Antihistamines With Decongestants - Oral
AMERIFED DM Dextromethorphan/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
AMERIPHOR Emollients - Topical
AMERITUSS AD Dextromethorphan/Decongestant/Antihistamine - Oral
A-METHAPRED Methylprednisolone - Injection
AMEVIVE Alefacept - Intramuscular
AMEVIVE Alefacept - Intravenous
AMIBID DM Guaifenesin With Dextromethorphan - Oral
AMIBID LA Guaifenesin - Oral
AMICAR Aminocaproic Acid - Oral
AMICAR Aminocaproic Acid - Injection
AMIDAL Guaifenesin With Phenylephrine - Oral
AMIDRINE Acetaminophen/Isometheptene/Dichloralphenazone - Oral
AMIGESIC Salsalate - Oral
AMIKACIN SULFATE Amikacin Injection
AMIKIN Amikacin Injection
AMIKIN PEDIATRIC Amikacin Injection
AMILORIDE HCL Amiloride - Oral
AMILORIDE HCL W/HCTZ Hydrochlorothiazide W/Amiloride - Oral
AMILORIDE HCL-HCTZ Hydrochlorothiazide W/Amiloride - Oral
AMINATE W/90MG IRON Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral, Time Release
AMINESS Amino Acids - Injection
AMINO ACID CERVICAL Propionate/Amino Acid/Urea - Vaginal
AMINOBENZOATE POTASSIUM Potassium Para-Aminobenzoate - Oral
AMINOBRAIN Multivitamins (Includes Prenatal Vitamins) - Oral
AMINOCAPROIC ACID Aminocaproic Acid - Oral
AMINOCAPROIC ACID Aminocaproic Acid - Injection
AMINO-CERV Propionate/Amino Acid/Urea - Vaginal
AMINOPHYLLINE Xanthine Derivatives - Oral
AMINOPHYLLINE Aminophylline - Injection
AMINOSYN Amino Acids - Injection
AMINOSYN II Amino Acids - Injection
AMINOSYN-HBC Amino Acids - Injection